August 29, 2009

Man Night

Grandpa Brent volunteered to have the boys sleep over last night.
He called it "Man Night".
Kyler called it "Fat Man Night".
Kacin called it "Man Date".
Whatever it was called,
Grandma was not invited (well, until they wanted her to make Rice Krispy treats and the biggest breakfast you've ever had).
They did a lot of manly things.
They wrestled, had a water gun fight, watched Peter Pan, read scriptures and looked at pictures of spears that may have been thrown at Samuel the Lamanite, and slept in the tent they set up in the living room.
Grandpa Brent ran out of time to glue fake hair on the boys chest.
I guess that will have to wait for the next manly adventure.

Barb said...

I call it Mom goes to the gym and watches What Not To Wear night! I was disappointed that I was not allowed to even get in the tent. . .

Jenna said...

What an amazingly GREAAAAT Papa we have!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha, awe, they all look like they had so much fun! Someone should have gotten a picture of their tent they set up!

Whitings said...

How fun! Kyler's name for the evening is the best! Haha!