August 26, 2009

Lost a Tooth

Kyler lost his first tooth! Literally. He couldn't find it anywhere after he bit down on his apple and it fell out. His letter in his own words:
Dear Tooth Fairy,
I lost my tooth in the cafeteria. I was eating my apple and then I heard something drop on the floor and I felt it was a lost tooth. I looked everywhere and then I couldn't find it. So I asked my friend, and he couldn't find it. So I asked my teacher, and she couldn't find it either. And then lunch was over. Can I please have money anyways?

Love, Kyler
P.S. How do you get inside our house?

The note he worked so hard on and slipped under his pillow:
Top: "Here is how to get my tooth. Love Kyler Love"
Bottom: a map of his school cafeteria
Cheryl said...

That just caused a great toothy smile on my part! I'm pretty sure the tooth fairy loves the notes way better than the actual teeth 'cause the notes always contain a great story!

becki said...

Your blog is in my top 5 always. You have the best stories. I love those kids. Hope the tooth fairy finds his tooth ;)

Stefanie Hyer said...

Awe how cute! That is very exciting! Did the toothfairy come???

Megan said...

What a smarty!! How's AZ treating you?