August 14, 2009

Bathtime with a Twist

The perks to bathing with your clothes on:

1. Saving money (less clothes to wash in the washing machine)!
2. You can take cute pictures of playing in the bathtub without being too revealing.
3. A dull evening at home turns FUN!

Darcee said...


Just a few notes and thoughts:
1--about feeling robbed for not having enough time with Kyler: kindergarten is hard for a mom even if she's had 5 years so I'm sure it was much harder on you. (but I do agree with other commentors--you shouldn't feel too robbed about the potty training thing :).

2--The other night at our Primary meeting, Sherrie said, "I know this is random, but I sure miss the Allreds." All of us agreed and got sad again.

3--The other day cute little pictures of your boys popped up on my blog reader thingy. Tessa saw them and squealed: "Kyson and Kalin!! No I mean Kyler and Kacin!!" (this was done in the super loud high-pitched excited voice).

Stefanie Hyer said...

That looks like so much fun! Another great idea if you ever get a room that has a shower and no bath is to plug the shower and let it fill up a bit... fun to play in in my past experience!!

Cheryl said...

I might steal this idea for a boring night! Thanks.

mommy said...

Love it!

bryceandjamie said...

So much fun!

Nate & Emily said...

Wow, I've missed alot! Looks like the boys had some good... first days! :) How exciting about your house! Looks like you guys are loving AZ!!!