July 12, 2009

Park City

We checked another one off of our list of things to do before leaving Utah . . . Pretty much on the spur of the moment, we drove up to Park City. It was really cute there! We looked around at some outlet stores, then headed to Main St. . . .

We love coupons so we used one to eat at some pizza joint.
The food was good, the service was . . . enetertaining? . . .
We were told a couple times to choose any table we wanted. We could choose any of them.
We sat down in the back with our menus . . . and the same waitress walks over and asks us to move . . . but we could choose any other table (she wanted to move our table to combine with another one or something).
We ordered and ate a pizza.
There was one slice of pizza left.
We were sitting there waiting for that waitress to come give us our bill.
We got bored.
Kacin asked to eat the olives.
Kyler wanted the onions.
I wanted the crust.
The pizza ended up like this (in the end, minus the cheese).
So the waitress finally comes and asks us if we'd like a box.
It was tempting, but we opted not to take this one home . . .
We looked around at some art galleries. Eric laughed at me and my spatial intelligence while I tried to put this polar bear puzzle together.
In the end, there was success!
We ended the day by looking around a book store . . . Kyler chose Peter Pan . . . Kacin took Wizard of Oz . . . so we now have some cool chapter books to read together.
Then we got chocolate. Sweet.

What do you think, any other musts we should do before leaving Utah?

Holly Janeen said...

i freakin love your blog and your family- i just cant get enough! there is so much to do in Utah, it seems like the list is never ending... Jeff and I find new things to put on our Summer Fun list every week. i say just enjoy what you can and keep enjoying each other. congrats on selling the house :)

Stefanie Hyer said...

Hmmm do you guys still go to Salt Lake City and the Temple there and stuff? Love you! I can't wait to see you! Happy Birthday in just a few days! :)

Jacqui said...

Go to the Seven Peaks water park in Provo. Just don't get in the dark tunnel slide on a two seater when there is 3 HUGE men in a 3 seater right behind you.........

Elaine said...

we are just starting our adventure here in utah so i am using your blog to get ideas of what we should do! where was that cool looking glacier thing at? snobird? is that even what it is called?

Suzanne said...

When we were driving back from the Northwest we saw signs about the spot where the railroads connected east-west. We pulled off the freeway in maybe the Ogden area to drive to see it. But then an additional sign said 20 miles to the spot or some such crazy distance -- crazy because we'd already been in the car for more hours than we liked, so we got back on the freeway. I don't know if it's worth seeing or not. I'm curious to know if anyone else has been out there. Cove Fort has been a fun, fairly quick stop right off the freeway about 2 hours south of here -- we've stopped there on our way to AZ before. I think you guys are awesome to make the most of your stay!