July 11, 2009

Girls Camp

LOVE the girls, LOVE our theme, LOVE the Heber Valley Camp, LOVE the mountains, LOVEd the week!
I just got home from a week at girls camp! I have such good memories of girls camp from when I was in Young Women's so it was fun to be a part of another year at girls camp as a "leader" (ha ha--the girls teach me way more than I give to them!).
Our stake theme this year was "There's No Place Like Home" and our ward were the Tinmen. Pink was our color and Got Heart was our ward theme.
What went down this week:
*Lots of games, like "Dip, Dip, Dip", "Don't Eat Pete YW Leader Style", etc.
*Planning the skit with some awesome, creative, organized YCL's. Our skit turned out to be the best by far! We had two girls "watching TV" and seeing cool shows and commercials like Wizard of OZ, Jeopardy, Dr. Phil, Twilight, Tinmen Michigan (Hannah Montana), a Beauty Pageant, and Got Heart? which all had to do with service and love. It was pretty funny!
*Facilitating the Mohawk Walk at the challenge course.
*Being scared to death, but climbing the huge, very high up rope ladder, going across the wire bridge and riding the zip line down. I don't really like heights, but I was so glad I did it.
*Singing Tree and Singing News
*Getting Pinked Out and glittered up (including some glitter to the inside of my mouth--yuck)
*Testimony meeting around the campfire
*A beautiful night sky
*A big hill to climb each morning and evening
*And more!
Too bad I didn't take pictures a whole lot, but they are making a CD ofpictures so I'll probably add some on later.