June 25, 2009

Royal Treatment

My mom is here! She is keeping me sane while Eric is away for work.

She received royal treatment today. Kyler was set on bringing her breakfast in bed (he said because she's too old to come up the stairs for breakfast :) Ha ha. ). So the boys woke her up this morning with a plate of eggs, toast, and yogurt.

Kyler wanted her to sleep in his bed last night, but she ended up in the guest room in the basement because he decided she's too short to climb up into his big bed.

My mom's really not too old or too short, but we laughed a lot at his perception.

This morning Grandma got a high-profile tour of some of the most prestigious hangouts around town--the parks. We walked her up, down, and all around the neighborhood so she could see the 5 parks we frequent. We first went by the Church Park and then made a stop at the Park with Swings. We then headed all the way up the hill to the Fishy Park. After a long rest under a shady tree, we started for home and passed by the Basketball Park and the Soccer Practice Park.
We must have wore her out because now she's taking a nap. :) She's preparing for our next adventures . . .

Cheryl said...

The fact that she went to all those parks says she's a pretty cool grandma. Enjoy the visit!

Jenna Allen said...

AH, ha ha. This is all very cute. :) Yay Grandma!!