June 2, 2009

I Saw . . .

Over the last few days,
I saw . . .

*S'mores being enjoyed by the Rogers and Heustis family

*Projectile puke on my back porch

*A yard with a flower "bed" (no really, they have brass bedposts in the middle of their yard with flowers in place of a mattress)

*A frog, lots of pretty flowers, and green grass at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens (and some cool friends)

*A stroller going up the stairs

*Two dads dipping their children's heads in a fountain

*A Mohawk

*A pirate looking at RVs (no joke!)

*A BIG Budget truck in front of our house ready to be loaded for Moving Part 1

*Rainclouds :) (Keep sending the rain, please!)

*A bacon burger from JCW's (this one disappeared quickly)

*Kyler and Kacin counting all of the boxes we loaded up from my classroom and concluding it was just too many to count (Agreed.)

*Only out of my left eye for 2 hours! It keeps happening! The right eye was all blurry for no reason and then all of the sudden got better. I tell you, I am going blind. But I also saw the calendar today so I made an eye-drs appointment (It was past time anyways).
*Eric still has blue toenails
Barb said...

I am going out and getting some nail polish remover in preparation of Eric's visit. . . You saw a lot of interesting things, who puked?
Tell Keri that I want to be invited to her blog!

Cheryl said...

You and your perspective on life make me smile! Thanks. And your use of the phrase "you've got to make allowances" reminded me of how we've bonded over time as well. I need to remember to do that more often.

Jenny said...

I can't believe it's already time for moving part 1! We need to have a visit in the park this month. Drew is asking to play with your boys, if they are up for it. :)

Pattie said...

I'm glad my childs puke-fest made it into your post. I'm even more glad that he's better now...oh, and that I didn't start puking (although I was REALLY close).

Jenna Allen said...

Ha ha! This is a cute and very creative summary. :) I like it. :)