June 20, 2009

Family Rule #2

Allred Family Rule #2: Eric and Laura must frequently go out, alone, on dates to spend time together, talk, and do fun things.

Tonight, our date night brought us to Borders book store.
We found this book,
settled down with a hot chocolate at the little cafe,
and made a discovery.
We need to read more books.
Out of the 1001 listed, I had only read 30 and Eric had only read 21!
So we bought 3 new books to get us going in the right direction.
The fun didn't stop there.
We ate dinner, ice cream, and went on a walk.
Oh, yeah. And it got even better . . .
We went home and put the boys to bed . . .
And guess what was on TV?!
That's right.
High School Musical and High School Musical 2--the sing along and dance along!
Not only did we get to see the movies for the first time,
but we were instructed in 2 of the cool dances and got to follow the words on the screen as we belted it out.
Eric says if we had been in High School together he would be Troy and I would be Gabriella.
Don't you love date night?
Cheryl said...

I find that I frequently make the same comment. I love you guys! I want to enjoy life like you do. We would never have been Troy and Gabriella. I don't know the show well enough to know other characters we might have been, but I can assure you that Dale's character would not have been dancing at a basketball game or years later at home while watching a movie for date night!

Pattie said...

You have all the fun! We are planning a day for you and the boys to come over and watch High School Musical 3. Be prepared for more dancing and singing..if you can handle it.

Mike said...

If you read any must reads that are fun you need to recommend it to my book club. I think I'm pretty much the only member but the link to it is on my page.

Barb said...

Your date nights are fun. . .
As much as Brent loves a good chick flick, I can guarantee that he would never watch those movies, or read books and drink hot chocolate! But he is an awesome Yahtzee player!

Suzanne said...

I think this is my favorite blog post I've read in awhile. My idea of a fun date night would be to watch you guys do your sing/dance along! Actually just anything OUT OF THE HOUSE would be great!

Bret said...

Eric, you're gay. Oh and hey, how's your head? Dude that looked horrible. Call me.