May 9, 2009

Problem Solved

(Preface: Eric wears his hair down in the front, Kyler spikes his hair up in the front, Kacin's hair goes down in the front, my hair just does whatever it wants to)

Eric: Which one of you wants to stay here and which one wants to come with me?
Kyler and Kacin: I want to go with you!!
Me: Do you want to bring both of them?
Eric: How do we decide who comes?
Kacin: How about whoever has their hair going down in the front the same as you gets to go?
Barb said...

Oh, LoLo, there in lies the problem, who gets to go, who gets to sit by you, who gets to sit in front, who gets parents to say goodnight to them first. . . The list goes on and on, but it's fun, really!! :b

Pattie said...

So, did he take Kacin, or did you convince him to take both boys?

Jenna Allen said...

Haha! That's great!
It seems obvious...

Nate & Emily said...

Thats so funny... kids are so smart!