May 25, 2009

Not Another Boy!

My cute sister Stefanie is pregnant. When she found out what she was having, my conversation with the boys went something like this . . .

Me: Aunt Stefanie and Uncle Tyson just found out if they're having a boy or a girl. What do you think Aunt Stefanie is having?
Kyler: A girl!!
Kacin: I think it's a boy.
Me: Well, she is having a little boy!! Isn't that cool?
Kacin: Yay! I was right! It's a boy. That was my vote!
Kyler: No, it's a girl. I don't want it to be a boy.
Me: I'm sorry Kyler. You really wanted her to have a girl, but she's having a little boy.
Kyler: (pouting and really mad) Well, I'm never talking to her again!!

(Sorry Stefanie, I'm sure when he sees his new baby cousin he will be so excited that he's a boy and start talking to you again!)

Last night, we were reading together about Abraham and Sarah. This sparked a conversation about Sarah not being able to have babies in her tummy like mommy hasn't been able to. This discussion brought to our remembrance and continued the conversation written above . . .

Eric: What if someday mommy has a baby in her tummy and it's a boy?
Kyler: No! I don't want another boy!
Eric: Well, what would you do if a boy came out.
Kyler: Then I'd just push him back inside her and change him into a girl!
Jenna Allen said...

Ah, ha ha ha ha!!!

Barb said...

I laughed out loud!! I never thought I would like boys either till Kyler and Kacin arrived, now I can't imagine them being any different, nor would I want them to be. Kyler will change his mind when he sees the little Hyer guy! (We can still wish for a girl next time, right, Kyler?!)

Pattie said...

If it were only that easy. "I want a girl so it will be a girl, darn-it!" I hope that one day you will have a girl and a boy in your separate times, mind you.

Jacqui said...

Tell them not to worry and if/when I ever have kids , they will all be girls.

Suzanne said...

Being rather pregnant myself (with children that were appalled that we were having "another boy") I found the push-it-back-in-and-change-it theory pretty hysterical. Your boys crack me up!

Nate & Emily said...

Thats funny! Kyler better be careful what he wishes for or one day he might be blessed with his very own family... of all girls... then he'll wonder why he ever said "not another boy"!!! :)
I love how Kacin's was right about a boy because that was what he "voted" for!!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha... ouch!!