April 11, 2009

A Little Math

1. The Allred family left for Arizona at 3:15 am and arrived in Mesa at 2:00 pm. How long did it take them to travel?

2. How many bathroom breaks were there along the way?

3. There were 20 hard-boiled eggs. Kacin (and Eric) dyed 7 eggs and Laura decorated 4 eggs. How many eggs did Kyler decorate?

4. Math Facts in the car . . .

Eric: "What is 4 + 2?"
Kyler and Kacin: (after counting on fingers) "6!"
Eric: "What is 1 + 0?"
Kyler: 10
Kacin: 2
Laura: "Hmm. If you have 1 piece of gum and then someone gives you zero pieces, or no gum, how much gum do you have?"
Kacin: "Gum??"
Kyler: 1!! :)
Eric: "Good. What is 6 + 2?"
Kacin: "I would like some gum."

5. How many articles of dress up clothing did Kyler put on Laura?

6. How long did Laura get Eric to swing dance with her?

1. 10 hours and 45 min.
2. 4 stops
3. 9 eggs
4. Kacin did not get gum, but he did eat plenty of pretzels and other snacks.
5. 6- 2 aprons, angel wings, 2 different gloves, and a princess tiara
6. 45 seconds (if that)
Barb said...

You always were really good at math, Laura! I love the way you were dressed up. . .

Cheryl said...

Always the teacher, huh? You make me smile.