April 25, 2009

Kacin and Salsa

Three words: Kacin, Salsa, Straw
Enough said.


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Oh, and when he put the salsa-filled straw back into the water glass, the spicy water didn't quite quench his thirst.

Thanks Walters, Wiltbanks, and Los Hermanos Restaurant for a lovely evening.
(You think he got his lack of impulse control from his dad??)

Barb said...

I think it's a guy thing, or just an inquisitive person thing. When he tries new things in his adulthood, he will be doing "research".

Rylee said...

I could eat Los Hermanos salsa out of a straw too! I LOVE that stuff. Hey maybe when we are up there in May we can meet up at Los Hermanos for dinner??

Hcatt and Jdogg said...

I love Los Hermanos salsa!!! Neleah loves it too, but hasn't tried it out of a straw yet! I love it!

Cheryl said...

I just love Kacin, that's all I can say!

Jenna Allen said...

ha ha!
I wouldn't be surprised if he'd LOVED it... water and salsa and all... :)

Megan said...

When I read this blog I meant to comment. James drinks salsa too! I'm not kidding, tell Kacin he's just fine! (I personally think it's disgusting, but why stop them from drinking their vegetables!!)

Nate & Emily said...

That was so funny, someone had to try it I guess?!! :) Thanks for the b-day gift!