April 12, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter!

We had a fun Allen-style celebration this morning . . .

I woke up at 4:30 am because I kept dreaming that the boys were up looking at their Easter baskets and I missed the whole surprise and fun of it all. :( So then I went and slept in Kacin's bed with him so I wouldn't miss it when they got up. :) At about 5:30 am, Kyler quickly sat up in bed and shouted "Kacin, I heard a rooster!". The boys were up. Was there really a rooster on Fraser St. in Mesa? I didn't hear it, but Kyler sure bolted out of bed.

We woke Eric up (he was so happy with us). Then we all looked at our Easter baskets at what the Easter Bunny brought us! We filled our bellies with plenty of candy.

Our whole family came to celebrate! And we ate a huge breakfast! Biscuits and gravy--so good.

Then with Easter baskets in hand (or on our heads), we strolled down to Grandpa's old house (where Jacqui and Josh live). The Easter Egg Hunt was on!

At the end of it all, Kacin's plastic eggs held $3.50, Kyler's had $6.10, Laura's had $2.50, and Eric's had $3. Plus, lots more candy!

Happy Easter!

Jacqui said...

Mine held $3.37! Oh and the rooster... you probably heard Josh from way down the street... every day at 5:30am he wakes himself up by making a rooster noise in his sleep... or maybe mom set her phone alarm to sound like a rooster so she could get up and hide the eggs... just ideas

Whitings said...

What a fun Easter! Your Easter Egg Hunt looked like a blast!

Barb said...

For your info, there ARE roosters on Fraser Drive! Several people have chickens, and I believe a rooster or two. It was a day filled with sunshine and smiles and love!

Cheryl said...

The rooster was just to make you feel like you were at home. I hope you always enjoy the holidays the way you do now. Your boys look like it was a pretty fun day! I hope the rest of the week is even better!! And I hope you continue to chronicle it all.