April 30, 2009


The chickens got out of their coop because the bottom door wasn't latched properly.
Kyler was fearless and saved the day!
He rescued each chicken before they pooped too much on our patio and furniture.
Just a clip of the Kyler/Kacin Chicken Rescuing Duo
(in all actuality, they were just rescuing ME from the chickens).

I don't really know if anyone (except maybe my mom) would really be interested in watching both clips in their entirety, but the last part of the 2nd clip is a chase scene (you may just want to fast forward to that).

April 26, 2009

Chicken Sunday

C- Coop is completely finished, but Eric has plans for improvements.
H- Huge! Look how much they have grown!
I- I do not touch them, but will admire them from afar.
C- Can it be a rooster?? We still don't know, but Eric thinks one of the yellow chickens may be because it is much bigger than the other. If it is, we will have to be down to 3 chickens . . .
K- Kacin and Kyler love to feed them lettuce and watch them and bother them when they play outside.
E- Eric, their devoted caretaker who stayed up really late the night before our vacation making sure their coop and everything was finished.
N- Nine weeks old (only 15 more weeks until egg-laying time!).
S- Successfully walked up and down the ramp today! When it got dark they went into their quaint shelter all by themselves!

April 25, 2009

Kacin and Salsa

Three words: Kacin, Salsa, Straw
Enough said.


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Oh, and when he put the salsa-filled straw back into the water glass, the spicy water didn't quite quench his thirst.

Thanks Walters, Wiltbanks, and Los Hermanos Restaurant for a lovely evening.
(You think he got his lack of impulse control from his dad??)

April 23, 2009


So maybe it's been almost a week now since we got home, but I am now rejoicing in the fact that today I have caught up (well as much as one possibly can) on LAUNDRY. Our vacation left us with too many loads and this week left me with too little time. How do people with big families do it??

April 19, 2009

Disneyland Days

The much anticipated days in Disneyland have come and gone all too quickly. We spent 3 days there and were so happy to spend the time with the Allen side of the family, too!

A for Allred

I honestly think this was Kacin's favorite ride--the stroller! We were in the middle of riding Star Tours and he turns to me and asks if the stroller is OK . . .

Yes, this picture sums up Kacin's excitement for the "super fast" rides (Space Mountain, etc.). He wasn't a big fan at first. He learned quickly to start asking questions about what kind of ride it was before getting on. By the end of the trip, he was a little more comfortable and excited about the fast rides though.
Kacin is clinging to Eric's arm in the front row.And, yes, I feel guilty about taking him on Tower of Terror. We traumatized the poor kid. Kyler LOVED it! But Kacin was in a state of shock afterwards. He wouldn't talk for like 5 min. I felt like such a bad mom! So then we took him on Peter Pan and he was all smiles again.

Driver's License's in hand . . . Ready to ride Autopia

Riding The Mark Twain

Watching the Disneyland Band Celebrate! Mickey Mouse is back there somewhere . . .

We couldn't get Eric on the teacups with us.

Toon Town

I remember the line to Dumbo always being so long, but we got the chance to take the boys on it! Thanks for riding with us Stefanie (another spinning ride that Eric couldn't do).

Waiting with Jacqui and Josh to ride Pirates of the Caribbean

Kyler loved all of the rides! He was ready for anything. Here he is with Jacqui on the Matterhorn.

We gave it our best try to get the sword out!

On the Merry-Go-Round


April 14, 2009

Our Sealing

3:32 pm
Arrival at the Mesa, AZ temple. The boys decked out in their cute suits and super excited that their daddy finally wore his, too. They look sharp.

3:35 pm
Confusion by the temple worker because she's never been a part of a sealing to children. We are brought to the nursery and wait for a worker to arrive.

3:40 pm
Workers arrive. We say goodbye to our cute boys. The workers say they will help them get dressed and bring them to us when it's time. We give lots of hugs and reminders to listen and not jump on everything. We are escorted to records office.

3:55 pm
After finishing paperwork, we leave records office and go get ready.

4:15 pm
Eric and I wait together and talk with our sealer, Brother W.H. Whipple.

4:30 pm
Enter the sealing room to see lots of our family and friends there. Boys enter all in white.

4:40 pm
Wonderful ceremony. Minimal bouncing, climbing and jumping off the alter, and laughing. We are a forever family! Lots of hugging.

4:55 pm
Exit the temple. Pictures by Jacqui. Oh wait, no memory card. Try again. More pictures.

5:05 pm
Head to Fitch park for BBQ.

5:30 pm
Playing and cooking and eventually eating. Lots of wind!! So no table clothes and no cute set up. Dumb wind.

7:30 pm
Clean up, smiles, and goodbye. Ready for a good night's sleep.

Photo Shoot

The boys thought it was torture. I thought it was fun and that Jacqui has gotten to be an awesome photographer. Eric thought he should get to take a nap and drink a Dr. Pepper after all of this. Jacqui thought that I shouldn't have worn a white shirt. But they turned out!

Our Family Pictures on Our Sealing Day!

Thanks, Jacqui!