March 1, 2009

Kacin's Cuisine

We all know Kacin is quite the eater, but did you know he ate cuisine like this?
Pizza Dipped in Applesauce, Topped with Home-Grown Romaine Lettuce

I tell you, the kid will eat anything. I wish I had pictures of all the other concoctions he's put together on his plate and told us that he loved, but sadly I do not. They have been just as great as this one though, for example,

Grapes Dipped in Ranch.

Natalie said...

I love this little man! One of my favorite things to do is eat with him, It is an adventure!!

Jenna Allen said...

Hahaha! That reminds me of the carrots dipped in honey that I made for the missionaries once... (Ahem... when I was a little kid...)

Barb said...

Oh how I miss the eating adventures of Kacin. . . Laura, weren't you the one who tried to invent a peanut butter cake?