February 17, 2009


Most who know me know that I am NOT a fan of the TV. I will go as far as saying I am strongly against TV watching. It is rarely on at our house (why we pay for cable then is beyond me, but I guess when we do watch it's nice to have some quality shows and channels). However, it is a given that Saved by the Bell, the news or ESPN will be on at 5:30am while Eric works out in the basement. And it is a given that the volume will be blaring when Eric gets in the shower and uses the bathroom down there.

I have not changed my opinion on the TV in general. However, tonight, thanks to Kyler, I decided that a few good things do come from TV.

We came home from the Dinosaur Museum this morning and I had 15 minutes to eat lunch and be out the door for work. The boys eat lunch at preschool and I was not in the mood for Kacin to be staring at me eating and drooling over my food and to avoid a mess that we wouldn't have time to clean up, I asked if they wanted to watch TV. Kyler asked, "Can we watch Caillou?" "What's Caillou?" Kacin wondered out loud. Kyler replied, "A show that teaches us how to work things out and be good." Deep. I didn't know my son was recognizing the morals and deeper meaning of a TV show. Impressive.

Occasionally, we will all sit down as a family and watch John and Kate +8. Kacin and Kyler will laugh when they see the kids throwing tantrums (for some reason they don't think it is quite so funny watching their own tantrums though. . .). Eric and I just feel better about the way our lives have changed since having children. Plus, Kyler informed me that "Sometimes watching TV gets the grumpies out" (I'm pretty sure he was talking about me . . .)!

Eric and I often watch The Biggest Loser. It usually goes something like this.
"Wow. I'm so inspired and amazed that these people are changing their lives. How great is that!"
"Will you pass the cheez-its over?"
"Can you get me a Reeses PB cup, too?"
Cheryl said...

I'm not a TV fan either. Our one weekly show, though, is AFV. Nothing makes Cheyenne belly laugh like a dog doing something silly or a person falling off a trampoline. I'm not sure what that says about her, but we love her laugh. And I love PBS. Caillou is a great choice as is Between the Lions. Those are a couple of my favorites. Not surprisingly, Daniel's favorite is Nova. Whatever.

Barb said...

Laura, I am not prejudiced, but Kyler is so brilliant! Great things will come from him. . .
I am a big fan of Biggest Loser, I do find it very inspirational, and I have been working out a lot more, BUT, it comes on during my snack time, so I am always eating during the show!
Wait, does this mean that Eric watches Saved By the Bell?

Jenna Allen said...

Yes, I hate to admit it as well, but in moderation a number of good things can come from TV. :)