February 28, 2009

Three Clues

1. Do you remember this Sesame Street classic?
2. Now, watch this one (or just buy the funniest documentary you will EVER see).
3. Finally, have you ever read this?

What do these three things all have in common??




We bought chickens!!!
Eric has been talking about getting a pet since the day we got married. As working students, it was never reasonable for us to do (admittedly, plus, the fact that I don't really like animals too much). We had a list of more important things to get first--a bed, a house, kids, a trampoline, and then maybe, someday, but, in my opinion, hopefully not, a pet. We finished reading "Chickens in the Headlights" together and I think Eric was re-inspired to push the whole "Let's get an animal" idea. If we had a dollar for every hour Eric spent researching on the Internet and reading up on chickens, we'd have a lot of dollars! Nearly every time I saw him on the computer, he was finding great chicken coop ideas or figuring out the best chickens to raise on great websites like Backyardchickens.com. After some discussion, we decided that maybe getting a couple of chickens wouldn't be so bad. We would get lots of eggs and then have a chicken fry at the end of the summer! Plus, the boys would be so into it (which they really are).
So Eric drew up plans for a coop and even made a model of it.
We anticipated the day the chicks would arrive at IFA Country Store.
On Wednesday, we went down and bought four little chicks!

Two Rhode Island Reds and two Buff Orpingtons.
We're still working on names--both of the boys want to name theirs "Eric" because that's "what they used to call daddy". Stay tuned for updates on the growth and times of our 4

Note: Do not let Eric convince you it's OK to to let the chicks come in the house instead of the garage for a day. Chickens do not leave the best odor around. Thank goodness for melon scented candles!

Cheryl said...

Is that okay to raise chickens right here in suburbia? I'll be so interested in those regular updates you promised 'cause I want to see how this all turns out. Thanks for sharing!

Jenna Allen said...

You did NOT!! :) :) :)
(both get chickens, and let Eric convince you to keep them in the house overnight. :))
That's great! And strange. A bit. May I ask you to explain why/how you chose chickens instead of some other pet?

Barb said...

Good for you,Allreds! Your boys are having SO many wonderful growing up experiences. There are sveral people with chickens in our neighborhood, I guess it can be done in the city. . .

Holly Janeen said...

i am just completely jealous. COMPLETELY.

Pattie said...

Ella was so excited about the chicks. She told me all about them and all the rules associated with them (don't touch your eyes, wash your hands afterward). I'm sure she is going to want to come see them every day. And I'm sure the tramp has nothing to do with her begging me to let her go to your house and play.

Clint and Mari Cluff said...

You guys are brave. Dogs are as far as I go. I am sure your boys are just loving it, how fun for them. The baby chicks are cute!

AnneMarie said...

You guys crack me up! Good luck with the chicken raising...

Stefanie Hyer said...

I remember wanted chicks when I was younger! That sounds so fun, scary and hard to believe for you to be around them Laura (Who is afraid of any animal, or bird, or even things that move at you... :)) Good luck! The boys I'm sure will love it!