February 6, 2009

2 Days, No Pay, but We Got to Play

My title rhymes. I think it's clever. Eric thinks I'm a nerd.

This week Eric's company mandated 2 days of vacation without pay (2 more coming in a few weeks). It could've been worse . . . at least he still has a job, and we are so grateful for that! In reality, it was actually really fun to have him home. The boys were so excited to have daddy around to take them to school, feed them lunch, and play with them.

And I know that Eric was excited to be home with us and share some adventures. For example, he got to clean up Kacin when he had an accident at school. He learned how to speak preschooler so he could figure out the meaning of eating "crumbly chicken" for lunch. (Any ideas? . . . It's sloppy joes). He rediscovered the joys of big boxes and all of their uses as cars, work offices, bedrooms, Dr. offices, sleds down the stairs, and, for Kacin, a place to take a comfy and relaxing nap.

Good times!
Cheryl said...

I love days when Dad is home. It's good for me, good for the kids and great for him to see what life during the day is like. And I hope you never lose sight of what you can do with a box. If you ever forget, give us a call and Daniel will remind you!

Barb said...

Was he really sleeping?! Yeah for Eric, who could have spent the time watching t.v., and yeah for Laura, who does these things everyday!

Clint and Mari Cluff said...

Even though there was no pay at least you had fun spending time together! Your boys are so cute!

Pattie said...

Kacin could fall asleep anywhere! Next time Eric has his mandatory vacation we should take all the kids to Soldier Hollow to the tube run. Although that would surely involve all of us in playing "hookie" too.

Holly Janeen said...

aw... a day with dad.

i highly doubt Jeffs job will EVER demand he go home and spend time with his wife and kids.

perhaps i should tell jeff to work at Eric's job.

Nate & Emily said...

Kacin sure knows how to pick a good spot for a nap... wish I could nap like that!