January 1, 2009

Trip to AZ Continued

Other highlights from our trip to AZ for Christmas . . .

1. Kacin's 4th birthday!
Everyone gathered at Fitch park to celebrate Kacin turning the big 4. Kacin had a blast riding the longboard with Tyson and the bike with Josh. We thought we were in AZ, but apparently nobody told the weather that, and we were freezing cold! Poor Kacin's teeth were chattering so by the end of the party he was wearing Grandpa Brent's jacket, Stefanie's socks (on his hands), and Stefanie's beanie. He looked like a little hobo! We ate pizza and birthday cake (it was a demolition derby with yellow stars that Kyler decorated) then played at the playground.

2. Seeing high-school friends
It was our second gathering at Fitch park. We met Danielle and Matt & their foster kids, Brittany & her family, and Megan and James & Tommie (and Pooka). We ate some yummy enchiladas and caught up with each other. It was so great seeing old friends! Eric was especially excited about the chocolate covered treats we got from Danielle. :)
3. Hanging out with Grandma Mary
I'm so glad she's Eric's grandma! She is such a funny, friendly person. It was the second time the boys got to see her and her husband Dal. We were all so excited to see them both.
4. Christmas with the Allred's
On the 28th we went over to Natalie's house to celebrate Christmas with the Allred side of the family. We enjoyed some breakfast burritos and opened up presents. The boys received soft, brown blankets with their names on them, cowboy boot slippers, a hopper bouncy ball, and other things. I got a cricut! I still need to learn how to use it, but I'm excited.
5. Eric's 27th birthday!
Ok, so I had tried to throw Eric a couple of different surprise get-togethers to celebrate his 27th birthday . . . plans kept changing though . . . we ended up having Pumpkin pie (E's favorite) with the Allred side after our "Christmas". After church, my family gathered for a Brazilian feast (of sorts) and more pumpkin pie. Happy Birthday, Eric!

6. Going to church in my old ward Good old Fraser ward! It was fun to visit the ward I grew up in, but it makes me feel so old to see all of the kids who were so little when I was there being out on missions and such. I'm so glad Linnelle is still in the ward! That makes it feel more like home. The boys were excited to go because it was the first time they got to wear their new suits!

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha. The hobo Kacin on his birthday was my favorite part! The picture with him holding the money is funny too :)!