January 13, 2009

The Second Trip

It was crazy, but we went down to AZ for the second time on Jan. 2- Jan. 6. I think we are done traveling for a long time! (hopefully)

After these highlights from this trip I am done with long blogs for awhile!
*Hiking Camelback Mountain
We were so impressed Kyler, Kacin, and Jacqui made it the whole way (with only minimal complaining and carrying of Kacin and Jacqui :) )! Ky was so impressive. Camelback is tough because you are climbing up and over rocks almost the entire way. We conquered the mountain!
*Grandma's boy
Kyler was so attached to his Grandma Barb! He absolutely loves her. The first time we left AZ he explained that he missed Grandma Barb already. He was even talking about moving to AZ! He loved baking and playing with her.
*Grandpa's boy
My dad is an early riser. He's always up way before the sun comes up. Well, Kacin figured this out and started waking up at 5 or 5:30 so he "could play with Grandpa Brent". He loved climbing trees with Grandpa and helping him get his work done. Grandpa Brent got followed around a lot. This is the best picture I have of my dad (at least it's really him wearing the Brent mask).

*A Horse Named Josh
Enough said.

*Birthday Present
Better 6 months late than never, eh? :) Thanks for the cute apron you made, Stefanie!
*Doug's Funeral
The Graveside service was at the Thatcher Cemetery. Kyler, Kacin, and all of the grand-nieces sang "Love At Home". Then we had a Mexican food luncheon at the church.
Nate & Emily said...

Good Job Luara on the blog, you are much better at this than I am! That was so cute when they sang that song. Doug would have liked that. I like all the pictures you took.
We only took one trip down and I think we are done traveling for awhile too!

Barb said...

Again, priceless pictures and blog, Laura! By the way, I am extremely smitten with Kyler and Kacin, who knew boys could be so adorable?!

Holly Janeen said...


looks like you took my advice and enjoyed Arizona for me... i am so impressed with your camelback hiking skills :)

hawt apron, btw.

oh, and Cluffage finally wrote me back and confessed his busy-ness was the only thing keeping him from hanging with us. so, who knows when we can actually hang with him?

Barb said...

Do I really look as fat as that picture with Kyler shows?!!! Aughhhh!

mommy said...

I love the Brent mask... that's awesome.

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha. Man Laura I love all the good times that you have and post on the blog! Im glad that you guys got to come down again! And I am glad that I finally made/got you your apron for your last birthday!! However, you must remember that you were in Utah and I told you to find one online and I would buy/send it to you :)! Haha. No matter. I love you guys!

Sarah said...

Cute blog miss Laura!