January 1, 2009

Attack of the Green Bunny

Jenny is the culprit. She wrapped up the thing and gave it to my dad on Christmas. What a frightening gift--a large bunny, dressed in a green clown-like outfit. Though, it became the object of many pranks and much laughter. However, after the untalent show it only became even more frightening. We placed one of the Brent (my dad) masks on it.

You see, my Grandma Neff was a trickster. Even up until a few weeks before she died, she was in the nursing home making prank phone calls to some of Jacqui's friends. We have to carry on her tradition and spirit of fun. :)

Our first victim: Jacqui and Josh. After positioning the bunny with a plastic fork and knife in hand, Jenny, Eric, and I walked down the street to their house. We placed it in front of the door, rang the doorbell, and ran. When Josh answered the door, he said "That's creepy. Jacqui, it's for you."

Victim number two: ok, so it was Jacqui and Josh again. However, this time the bunny wasn't quite so involved, just a source of inspiration. Since Jacqui and Josh live in Grandpa and Grandma Neff's old house, we have a key to their place. We knew they were gone to the movies with some friends so we snuck in (Aaron joined forces with us). A quick explanation: when Grandma and Grandpa moved into the house there were 2 statues in the backyard--Mary and some other saint. Grandpa never moved them so they were still sitting back there. Ok, so maybe what we ended up doing was a little disrespectful to other religions, but you have to admit if you walked home to it you would be very surprised. We turned the TV on to ch. 21 (the religious channel) and positioned the saint on the floor to be watching the TV with candles all around. Mary went into their master bathtub. Seran wrap went around their toilet. Some of Grandma's stuffed frogs climbed into the bed. Finally, Dr. McDreamy the barbie doll went into the blender. Mission accomplished.
Victim number three: Stefanie. She was home alone since Tyson was working. Eric placed the green bunny (similar to victim #1's experience). Knock and run. No answer. We knew she was home. We called from the cell phone. She came out. She saw. She was frightened. She invited us in, which led us to our final victim . . . Number Four: Tyson. He came home from work to this feasting at his table.

Will Brent the Bunny strike again?? Be aware!
Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha... wow... we definitly need to continue this tradition of pranking! I love it!