December 28, 2009


The most handsome man turned 28 today.
Since we were traveling along to Washington,
we celebrated a few days early.

On Christmas Eve, I surprised E with an early birthday present.
And surprised he was.
He was completely confused when Jacqui showed up at our house at 7am.
She took the kids, and I took E for breakfast and some golfing.
Due to frost and lack of time, we were only able to go to the driving range. Disappointing, but there will be another day.

The second day of the celebration of E was the night before the move.

And the celebration continued on the road while we were out to eat.

Happy 28, E!

December 26, 2009

A 5-year Old

Right between Christmas and moving day was a very important celebration.
5 years!
Which meant all cars, all day.
We loaded up the moving truck and then partied!

What's a party without a few games . . .

Slide the Car
Are you noticing the crumbs on the floor?
Of course, we purposefully didn't sweep to add some friction and to have a more realistic road. 

Make your own steering wheel . . .
I do feel a little bad that it was all adults at this racing party, but the timing was just not on our side to invite any of Kacin's friends.

Anyways, I think we were able to entertain/frighten my grandparents better since we were basically all adults running around with our pretend cars and playing Red Light/Green Light.

Kacin's favorite game:
The Most Maniacal Way to Open Birthday Presents--
race around in a circle when Stef holds up the green Go sign and open a present when she holds the red Stop sign

The ultimate birthday adventure was riding the gocarts at Golfland.

We love you Mr. Kacin! Happy Birthday!!!

December 25, 2009

Love Christmas

Love the KFC we traditionally eat every Christmas Eve.

Love the cool stuff Santa brought.
Thank you, Santa!

Love the silly string Kyler bought for his dad and all the uncles.

Love what an adorable Polar Bear we have in the family.

Love sisters.

Love playing Clue.

Love chapstick.

Love cousins.

Love all of our family.

Lots of love on Christmas!

Lots of Untalent Here

The annual Allen Family Untalent Show 2009 was probably the best yet.

We videoed, so not a lot of pictures to share but the show included. . .
balancing baby Bryce (and other tricks) (S&T), tunnel dancing (J&J), puppet show (Ky), story (Ka), paper clip marraige (JM), improv (Ba), a physics display (Br), hula hoop dancing (Ky & Ka), body spelling (Allreds), and the chugging of Dr. Pepper (wonder who? E).

Intently watching . . .

And soon laughing hysterically