December 5, 2008

Zoo Lights

A couple nights ago we took the boys to the Hogle Zoo to see the zoo lights! It was beautiful! And really cold. We did get some hot chocolate to keep us warm though. The boys had fun. All of the lights must have had a soothing effect though because Kacin kept telling us he was ready for a nap!

The way cool glasses that turned all the lights into snowmen! We even looked at the moon through them and it looked like a snowman. We were all impressed. :) Doesn't Ky look good here? We were on our way home and he was pretty wiped out (hence, the face he is making).

Kacin finally got his nap on an elephant statue's trunk!

Barb said...

I want some of those glasses! You all look adorable, as usual. Love ya!

Holly Janeen said...

BRRRR!! looks fun :)

Jenna Allen said...

Those pictures look so cute! I especially like the one of the boys with eric, with Kacin on his shoulders... :)