December 6, 2008

We Don't Shop at Wal-mart

I would say it's been about 3 years since Eric or I had even been in a Walmart--Let alone shop around for anything. While the "evils of Wal-mart" must be saved for another conversation another day, let's just say that the boys have quickly picked up this very important lesson: We do not shop at Wal-mart.

One day, while I was working, the boys were staying with a neighbor. She told them that she needed to run an errand to a store and asked them to get ready to go. They stopped and asked "We're not going to Wal-mart, are we? We don't go to Wal-mart."

We drive by Wal-mart or see an ad and the boys quickly say "Wal-mart is bad."

Then we got a gift card to Wal-mart from the adoption shower. . . We were most appreciative! A gift card was a fabulous gift! But then we had to explain it to the boys . . . We pull up at Wal-mart. They ask "Why are we at Wal-mart? Wal-mart is bad." They have shocked faces as we explain that we are going in. How could we be such hypocrites?!

We used our wonderful gift to get a Christmas tree! Eric kept the empty gift card until we got home and then offered it to Kyler (the boy who is obsessed with receipts, cards, paper . . . trash). He was most excited to get a "credit card". And then he realized . . .it was from Wal-mart! So later he sneaked into Kacin's room and put the card under Kacin's pillow. He found Kacin and kept hinting to him to go look under his pillow. Finally, Kacin lifted up his pillow and saw the card. His face fell. He started whining and throwing a fit "Not Wal-mart!".

Look what we've done to our children! Should I be proud or embarrassed??
Suzanne said...

That is hilarious! We must have that Walmart discussion sometime.

Holly Janeen said...

i noticed you got that card... glad you faced your fears bravely and used it for the good :)
you crack me up!

mommy said...

Well, I guess you should be proud, because that's what you wanted them to do, right? Hiding it under his brother's pillow is classic.

Cheryl said...

My kids hate McDonald's because of my bias as well. You're not alone!

Barb said...

A lesson is in there, amongst all the hilarity! Your children(everyone's children!) follow their parent's example, and listen to what they say, we lead, they follow. The fact that they followed shows their respect for you and Eric, be proud! (But maybe let them know why you don't shop there. . . Sorry, mommy moment.

Stefanie Hyer said...

You guys are so funny... I think I know why Eric did that...didn't he have a class where he learned some frightfull things about Walmart and how they treat their employees or something like that? :) I'm sorry to say that Walmart is the closest store to my new apartment... even my bank is inside! Haha... So I have to go there quite often! I respect your decisions though! Love you guys!

Jacqui said...

I think you should be embarrassed! Walmart is the best! We've had this argument over and over again... but it is! haha and now you will have a tree from there FOREVER!!!!!! Poor kids.... they will never know the joy that is Walmart.... :-(

Jenna Allen said...

I think should be... Both.
Hahahaha! This is too funny. :)