December 19, 2008


Happy early birthday, Eric! We used Eric's free meal for his birthday and all enjoyed a Brazilian meal. It was great, especially since all kids 6 and under eat free, too. Yes, I'm a little cheap.
Highlights from dinner:
*The boys insisted on wearing their cowboy clothes. Actually, I asked if they wanted to dress up "fancy" for dinner (thinking church clothes). Kacin got all excited and told me he would go put on his pirate clothes (not exactly what I was thinking . . .). I compromised with cowboys.
*Eric ate a lot.
*Half way through dinner, Kyler couldn't find his napkin. We looked everywhere, thinking it just fell or something. We found it at the end of dinner when Eric looked down and realized he had two.
*The boys ate with the meat serving tongs.
*Kacin tried a chicken heart and spit it right out.
*It was very cold outside.
*Kacin asked for dessert. Kyler asked to go to sleep.
Holly Janeen said...

yay! you finally made it to a REAL restaurant!! :)
happy b-day eric.
i hope you had all the D.P. refills your heart desired!!

Barb said...

I can't believe that Kacin didn't like the chicken heart. . .
Dressing up has a whole different meaning when you are 5! It looks like it was way fun for you all. Love ya! See you SOON!

Cheryl said...

Cowboy-hat wearing, meat-eating boys (who still want to use napkins)--could you ask for anything more???