December 13, 2008


This week we went to a Christmas party at the boys preschool. Guess who was there?! Santa! We were all so excited to finally see him. But then Kyler quickly informed us that this guy was NOT the real Santa! Kyler explained he was probably an elf--just one of Santa's helpers. He said his face wasn't old enough to be the real one. We were in shock at first, but then we realized Santa can't possibly be at EVERY Christmas party so he must have lots of helpers. So we told him what we wanted anyways . . .

Our Christmas Wishes:
Kacin: A moterbike, a car
Kyler: Spider-man ("a play one"), a skateboard, a trampoline
Laura: A trampoline! And our adoption to be FINAL
Eric: Dr. Pepper
Barb said...

So, do we get the motorbike for him? : ) I saw a cool one at Costco, but he's got about 7 years before he can ride it. . .
I do hope Santa gets you all a trampoline! (I believe Santa is sympathetic to Eric's Dr. Pepper cause).

Holly Janeen said...

oh Eric... i hope you are good enough to get soda this year!
your boys are too cute.
and i am hoping that your Christmas wish comes true THIS WEEK or the NEXT! yay!!!