December 13, 2008

A night with Emily

Emily FINALLY invited us over to her new house in Spanish Fork. We were so excited to see it--it is very cute! They did an awesome job fixing it up. Plus, Emily made some of Grandma Mary's famous enchiladas (which means layered el pato, cheese, tortillas--not rolled, but flat). Eric, especially, loves them! Yum!

Then we look down at Kacin. Being almost 4 years old, he is really good at dressing himself now. Wait a second . . . something's not right . . . oh, his pants are on backwards! He had been to preschool and out running errands with me. Who knows how long?

Stefanie Hyer said...

Haha, awe poor guy... that is so cute :) Awe the funny things kids will do... we all remember me doing my hair with the same headband everyday!:)

Nate & Emily said...

Hey guys-- thanks for coming over! Maybe he wanted them on backwards... more comfortable? I dont know! Funny kid! But even funnier seeing you guys notice!