December 30, 2008

December 23, 2008: Adoption Day

Kyler Radmall Allred and Kacin Allen Allred are official! We are now legally a family of 4. It was a beautiful, crazy day. Thanks to the amazing Holly (does she really know how great she is?!) we have the whole thing documented in pictures (except for the 20 min. that cameras were banned by the new security guard who didn't know all the rules). It was so great to live in the moment and not worry about trying to snap pictures of everything.

The day began way too early because we still had to pack up the car to leave right after the adoption for Christmas in AZ. We got it all done in time. At about 8:25am we got in the car to drive to the American Fork Court. There was so much snow on the ground from the huge storm the day before! We were scheduled for 8:30am that morning and that's about when we got there. Though someone forgot to tell the judge because she didn't show up until about 9am.
Our attorney had talked to us the day before and let us know to bring 2 things--a check and a camera. The security guard at the entrance refused to let us through with a camera unless we went and got permission from the judge or something like that. I guess he was stepping in for the regular security guards so he didn't know that you can have a camera for adoptions. But this meant that Eric was stuck at the entrance until it was all straightened out. I took the boys on up to the 2nd floor and found everyone waiting there! Pattie and Ella, Emily, Cheryl and Dale, Liz (the CASA), Rhonda (therapist), and Holly were all there. It was so great to have support from such great friends!
On the 2nd floor, we waited . . . and waited . . . signed papers . . . and waited.
They finally called us in at about 9:45am. I wasn't nervous until that moment when I had to walk through the court room doors and it just hit me what was happening. But I think was just more nervous that I'd have to speak in front of everyone. . .

We got to sit together at a table next to our attorney. Kyler was on my lap and Kacin was on Eric's. We started out with Stephanie (the caseworker) testifying that the boys were integrated into our family well and that we were fit and the best family to adopt the boys. At one point, Stephanie was explaining that we do a lot of activities together and Kyler shouted out "Even silly things!".
Eric and I both had to answer a whole list of questions making sure we understood what we were doing by adopting them. When it was Eric's turn, the attorney moved the microphone that was on the table closer to Eric. Kacin realized it was a microphone and kept grabbing at it and trying to talk. He would say "Yes" each time Eric did. So then Kyler thought it was a game and tried to grab the microphone, too. What fun for us to try to keep our children under control in front of the judge! The attorney then gave Kyler a piece of paper to write on (entertained him for a minute) and I heard Eric whisper to Kacin "I'll give you a piece of candy" (Food? Yes, Kacin was quiet the rest of the time!). Kyler had one more thing to say though. He put the pen up to the side of his nose and shouted "A big booger!".
Needless to say, we made it through all of the questions. The judge gave her closing remarks and within them she made the comment that when they are 16 years old they will still be playing with the microphone and talking about boogers, only then it may not be as cute as it was today. :) The judge then invited the boys up to sign the adoption decree. They each wrote their names, picked up the gavel and tapped it on their names to say that they are adopted. Then she offered each of them a teddy bear in honor of the day.
Our adoption celebration "breakfast" ended up being an adoption lunch at Paradise Bakery. We missed having our immediate families there, but we were so grateful to everyone who came!
We are so happy that the boys are "ours" now. We absolutely love them and are so excited that they are part of our family now. We did it!
Hcatt and Jdogg said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad that everything went well! I wish I could have been there! YEA for you guys!!!!

Barb said...

I appreciate Holly probably more than you! The pics are great, enough that I can picture being there. If boogers are the only embarrassing thing your children say you are lucky parents! Love to you all!

Holly Janeen said...

so fabulous!
i loved that day... thanks for including me :)

Stefanie Hyer said...

I am so sorry that I miss it Lo Lo! But I am so glad we got to see you guys that same day and for Christmas, and this week as well! It was the sweetest thing to see pictures, and to see Kyler and Kacin signing. Signing to have you guys adopt them, to be apart of your family, and their lives. Congratulations!! :)

Cheryl said...

What an honor for us to be there! It brought back fond memories of our adoption day, and I shed more than a tear or two of joy thinking of what a gift you are for the boys. I still have a young one too so I look forward to muddling through it together. Congratulations, again!!

Pattie said...

Ella and I were so glad we could be a part of such a wonderful event! I love the "silly" picture and cracked up when I saw the judge with her crazy pose.

AnneMarie said...

I'm new to your blog, so this comment is a little late, but I'm so happy for you guys! Your entry about this day made me cry!