November 27, 2008


Because we have already done so much traveling to Arizona this year, we decided we needed to just stay here in beautiful American Fork for Thanksgiving. I was kind of sad to miss all of the family, but it turned out to be a fun day with lots of yummy food anyways. We made our first Turkey! Well, I wish I could take the credit, but it was actually Eric who was the amazing Turkey chef.It did fall apart when we tried to place it on the platter, but we did our best to put it back together for the pictures. . . The boys set the fabulous table and helped with all of the taste-testing. Kacin even had to try the butter that was sitting on the table. :)

The boys pulled their first wish-bone. We didn't have too many tears when Kacin got the bigger piece. Kyler definately wasn't happy about it . . . Kacin told us he wished for a lego house. Wishes come true! We made one tonight.

Holly Janeen said...

looks like a SPLINDID dinner! Jeff and i were gonna stop by and say hi, but the day was long and we got lazy! looks like you made an amazing meal!
ps... is that one song a new kids on the block song?