November 26, 2008

Old Toys, New Toys

Suddenly being first-time parents of 2 todddlers definately had us lacking in the toy catagory. The boys came with plenty of cars and we had some big legos and books, but that was about it. So about a month ago the favorite toy was this--a mini-vaccuum from when Eric and I first got married and lived in our little apartment. The boys would spend hours cleaning the toy room and then vaccuuming throughout the whole house! I was loving it. :)

However, thanks to some wonderful, amazing neighbors and friends who gave our family an adoption shower, the boys now have other things to play with--games, playdoh, a basketball and soccer ball, and various other toys. I finally feel like a normal house with things to do! It's a bit more messy now though . . . maybe they'll break out the vaccuum again soon.
Holly Janeen said...

i LOVE that this is one of their favorite toys- i hope i can train MY kids to vacuum for fun! :)