November 26, 2008

Kyler's 5th Birthday

Happy Birthday, Kyler! It's crazy to think we now have a 5 year old. It sounds so old . . . We celebrated Kyler's birthday last night at Paradise Bakery with M.Jay and Kadin. Then we went back to our house for a ghost cake and ice cream! Kyler decided what kind of cake he wanted and I thought it was fitting considering every other sentence that has come out of his mouth since the beginning of October has been "Boo!" He was so proud when he learned to spell and read the word, so he was set on having it on his cake. Here are the before and after pictures . . .

Are all kids so greedy?? Last week Kyler decided not to have a party. So one day as we were driving in the car, he tells me that we can just call everyone and tell them just to drop the presents off at our house! Don't worry, he had plenty of presents anyway without us calling all of his friends.

Jacqui said...

Josh says "It's the most amazing birthday I've ever seen"

I say... "all really cool people are born on the 25th of November."

Holly Janeen said...

love it.
you are such a cute mom!
what lucky boys.